Thursday, February 2, 2012

From Curt: 28mm Napoleonic Artillery Casualty Marker (15 points)

Here's another Napoleonic casualty marker I've made up. This one depicts a knocked-out French 12-pounder along with an unfortunate crewman and soldier. I plan to make more of these kind of vignettes to indicate damaged units, or particular spots that have seen hard fighting.

This is a relatively new 28mm resin and white metal set from Offensive Miniatures. The pack includes two separate models, but I cut them up, rearranged them to fit and added a Perry casualty to compose a larger scene.

A sobering scene, to be sure, but one I would assume to be fairly common during that period.

I'm going to give myself 15 points for this one.  Next will be some more markers and finally, perhaps the last of the Normans...


  1. I really like these. Great stuff Curt.

  2. Very common and very good work Curt....

  3. Very nice work Curt, but only 15 points? The painting and composition of the scene is beautiful.

    Best regards.

  4. Cheers guys!

    Juan, thanks but it was pretty easy to do up. With the casualty figures laying on their fronts it makes painting them very simple. I'm pretty sure I spent more time on the groundwork than on the models.

  5. 15 points or 15 pints? :-D
    A lovely looking deserve both

  6. Great to have such markers for the tabletop.

    As I use Prince August minis I always have tons of extra 'broken' artillery bits that did not cast properly ... frustrated with just tossing the back in the pot, I combined them with broken muskets, cut off packs and shakos or helmets to create action markers for the tabletop that quickly ID units that are in disorder or have morale difficulty, yet when photos are taken of the table there are no dice or other 'strange' items that stick out.


  7. @Murdock: Yes, I'm keeping all my plastic bits from the Perry and Victrix box sets to do markers. Broken muskets, discarded shakos, bircornes and packs all make great 'disorder/shaken' type markers. Like you, I loath cluttering the tabletop with dice, chits, plastic caps, etc. It just seems to break-up the whole aesthetic of the game. My snobbery is peaking through here!


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