Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From ChrisP: 28mm Greek Hoplites for SAGA, 3rd Entry (60 points)

Chris here completes his Ancient Greek project for his SAGA mod. I'll let Chris describe them:
Above we see a unit of Myrmidons, Achilles' best and brightest, my Hearthguard. They are much (much) darker than the other hoplites, because of all the muted bronze and dark grey shield cloths and tunics. Their crests are showing a remarkable ability to reflect light- they might need another matt varnish!

Next up is my generic Warlord, for all those times when Achilles is sulking and/or dead. This is the Strategos from the Immortal (now Warlord) boxed set, along with the piper following him.

Finally we have Achilles himself, the best of the Achaeans in all his golden glory. This sculpt is from the Wargames Illustrated "Moments in History" range- he is meant to be on a large base duelling Hector; based clearly on the movie Troy. I gave Hector to the local Trojan player, so I am looking forward to duelling the two!

Excellent work, Chris, based on a superb idea - bravo! I'm shamelessly poaching this for my own SAGA collection.

These twelve lads will give Chris another 60 points to add to his overall tally.


  1. Steal away! So long as you keep in touch about any improvements we could make!

    But it is only 11 Hoplites not 12...

  2. Ah, noted, thank you. Nonetheless I will give you the extra 5 for your groovy SAGA mod.


  3. Chris i really like these guys they look great

  4. Great looking mini's rather a nice set to get out now they ar all done.


  5. Very nice; the painting job is really fine.

  6. Your generic Warlord shield is genius, really gives it character.


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