Saturday, January 7, 2012

From TimB: 28mm Great War Canadians & Spartans (90 points)

Tim has submitted these great models to help bolster his enviable score. First up is a beautiful 15-man unit depicting members of the 42nd Canadian Infantry Battalion (Royal HIghland Regiment of Canada) which was originally raised in Montreal. They were part of the 7th Infantry Brigade of the Third Canadian Division. The grey patch denotes the 3rd Division. Triangle above it indicates the units seniority within the brigade and the Green (of the triangle) is for the 7th Brigade, the senior brigade in the Division.

These are 28mm 'Great War' castings which are a bit of a change for Tim as a lot of his previous stuff has been from Renegade. Lovely work on those kilts, Tim! 

Below is a Scottish field officer from the same manufacturer.

Last but not least is a pair of Spartans. The one on the left is a Foundry casting whereas the other is from Crusader.  

This group will net Tim a respectable 90 points. Thanks for sharing these, Tim, they look great.


  1. Really like the Great War chaps Tim. Fantastic work on the kilts too.

  2. Agree with Rodger, good painting and specially the kilts. I did not have the patient when I painted my Scottish last year

  3. Nice paint work you have there!



  4. The look of the Canadians is very nice. They are real Trench Warriors.


  5. Great detail, right down to the patch's, we are pumping them out now.

  6. Lovely. I am really taken with the first war stuff you have done. I must not buy and ... repeat i must not buy any....

  7. Really like what your doing with the WWI stuff!



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