Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From RayR: 15mm Huguenot Infantry (200 points)

Ray sends in these three regiments of late 17th century Huguenot foot that are for his Nine Years War collection.

The regiment with the blue flag is le Caillemotte, the black is de Meloniere and the green is the Regiment du Cambon. 

These are 15mm Essex castings. The flags are custom made by Ray himself and you can download them free of charge from his excellent website 'Don't Roll a 1'.

Ray tells me that he was driving himself bananas trying to photograph these units as none of the zillion shots he took seemed to turn out properly. Apparently, a heavy dose of McDonalds from his friend The Angry Lurker (Fran) rallied him and he managed get these three images 'in the can' (though, according to Fran, the callow cad never said a 'thank you' for the Mickey D's - the philistine). 

The sixty-three figures making up these three units will give Ray a base of 189 points but I'm going to make it an even 200 for the work he did on the flags. Very nice, Ray!


  1. go Ray these are real great love the flags

  2. Ooo!!! extra points are always welcome, Thank You!!

    Now I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but Fran is a lying Git!! Yes I had a Maccy D's, but the tight sod didn't buy it, it was our area manager, Tony. Fran's as tight as a big fat mama wearing hotpants!! And he looks like one too........

  3. Nicely done Ray - lovely flags

  4. Wonderful models, units and flags, Ray. You have painted these small models nicely.
    And the aditional points are putting you well ahead of Fran...

  5. Great job Ray on both the figures and the making the flags!



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