Sunday, January 22, 2012

From PhilH: 28mm Pulp Action Figures (40 points)

Phil sends in these excellently painted Sikh infantry (led by Mr. Singh) that will support his very characterful Pulp action figures.

These are from the 28mm Artizan Design 'Thrilling Tales' collection. The car is from Corgi.

The second group predates the Challenge, but Phil sent them along to introduce his cast of characters. From left to right:

The Major, Mr Singh, Professor Hemingway (archaeologist and collector of curiosities), Squadron Leader Michaels (fop and drunkard), his fiancé, the Professor's daughter, stalwart old sailor Sean Jenkins and the ever- reliable Hawkins the butler. The man out on the hunt is as-yet unnamed. 

Very nicely done, Phil! These will net him 40 points to add to his score.


  1. Artizan also do good Commonwealth Indian troops in 28mm if you want variety.

    Nice looking figures again.

  2. Very good painted figures. I really like those Sikhs.


  3. Ian,

    Cheers but these Sikhs are indeed from Artizan. I'm a big fan of their stuff.


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