Friday, January 20, 2012

From KentG: 28mm Normans (385 points)

Kent sends in this excellent later-period Norman force composed of both cavalry and infantry. First up is a nice large unit of twenty-one armoured cavalry.

Again, Kent does some beautiful free-hand painting on the shields - bravo!

One of these fellows was painted prior to the challenge and so cannot be counted for scoring.

Next is a unit of twenty-two normans on foot (including one monk). One of these figures pre-dates the Challenge and so will not count for scoring.

Finally we have another unit of eight norman cavalry, but these are men-at-arms in lighter padded armour.

All of the figures are from Black Tree, except the monk which is a Perry casting.  This impressive group will net-in 385 points for Kent. Very impressive work, well done!


  1. Very impressive stuff. Thanks for sharing
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  2. Impresionante, Kent. You are unstopable, and a very, very great painter.

    Best regards.

  3. Excellent stuff , great freehand on those shields.


  4. Excellent allround work, Sir Kent of the Paintbrush!!!!

  5. thanks guys from what i see there is some great painting going on from all you guys. Great comp


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