Friday, January 6, 2012

From JuanM: French and Indian War Angry Townsfolk (30 points)

Juan sends in this fine group of not-too-impressed townsfolk for use with his F&IW collection.

These are 28mm castings from the Conquest Miniatures range. Juan tells me that he's not too enamoured with this set of castings, so much so that they have been rescued twice from the Bin of Doom. Nonetheless his club needed them for an upcoming game and so they get a timely reprieve. I think he's done an excellent job on them. 

These lads will give Juan 30 points to his total. Next up for him will be <gasp> Prussians! I look forward to seeing those as well!


  1. I think he did a good job on them. And we all know how much harder it is to paint something you don't like. Well done I say!


  2. That means these yokels will be damn hard fighters no doubt. Great stuff again Juan

  3. I agree an excellent paint job, i like the dude with the hammer


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