Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Curt: 28mm Jomsvikings 'The Bloodshields' (20 points)

I've done these four fellows up to represent a small mercenary band of Jomsvikings for SAGA.

The Jomsvikings were legendary and infamous swords-for-hire who were active during the 10th and 11th centuries. They were reportedly very disciplined, staunchly pagan and would sell themselves to any who could afford their exorbitant fees. They also had a nasty propensity to change sides - even in the midst of battle. 

These are 28mm Gripping Beast castings. I did some slight modifications in having one of the mercenaries being armed with two spears and I replaced the small axe on the leader with one that has a longer haft and a larger axehead.

I painted all four in a similar colour scheme and inked their shields to represent the Jomsvikings splashing them with animal blood to unsettle their opponents. The leader's shield design is by LBMS.

I like how the design of their clothes and shields are varied and somewhat exotic - giving the impression that some of them may have travelled quite extensively, perhaps to Russia, Italy, Constantinople or even the Levant.

In SAGA they have some very fun rules in which a player can purchase a Jomsviking warparty for use in your overall force. They are quite nasty in combat, but be warned, they do have a chance to betray their employer and change sides!

These four hard nuts will nudge me along for 20 points. Next up will be some Napoleonic unit markers...


  1. they a really nice figures like the small changes you made but most of all love the paint job

  2. These look really as a bunch of nasty guys. I love how you painted them, especially the shields!


  3. Great work Curt especially the bald fella......

  4. Very nice models, Curt, with a fair amounth of work in them. The "Bald" has now a true axe...

  5. Very nice Curt, your SAGA army must be at a very nice stage. I will look forward to a post on your experiences with the rules and constructing an army. Maybe have to wait to March 20 though!


  6. Cheers Guys!

    @John: Yes, I've hosted about a half-dozen games of SAGA and they've all been very entertaining. I'll have to write-up a short opinion piece on the rules sometime soon.


  7. nice work , i love these.


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