Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From ChristoperS: 28mm ACW 4th Alabama Regiment (100 points)

Christopher sends in this beautiful American Civil War regiment which depicts the 4th Alabama.

The 4th Alabama was part of Laws Brigade in Hood's Division. They saw heavy action in the Eastern theatre throughout the war.

These are 28mm Sash and Saber castings. I've worked with these as well and I agree with Christopher in that they are very characterful and a lot of fun to paint. Speaking of which, Christopher used Army Painter Quickshade with these and then went over them again for the final highlight (with very nice results). Great groundwork as well. Flag by GMB.

This fine unit will give Christopher 100 points to add to his total. Great work!


  1. This is a very nice unit, with a lot of colour.
    Great work.

  2. these look amazing, it's a period that i really would like to start this year and seeing your figures has made up my mind on which figures to buy. Thanks heaps

  3. Graet looking figures, very well painted!!!!

  4. They look magnificent. Beautiful painting and basing.

  5. Thanks guys and one small point it's actually the 4th Alabama,however someday I do plan on doing a Louisiana regiment...perhaps even the Tigers themselves if I get enough guts up to paint their uniforms.;-)



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