Thursday, January 26, 2012

From ChrisP: 15mm British Artillery, Armour and Transport (174 points)

Chris sends in an assortment of World War Two British models for his 'Flames of War' collection. First is a battery of 25 pounders with crew, command teams and spotters. Great basework on these - really lovely stuff. (Two of these were painted before the Challenge and so won't be scored)

Next is two Sherman Vs and a Sherman recovery vehicle. Really like the dummy gun used to mask its silhouette. 

Last is a group of transports and a command jeep.

This group will give Chris 174 points. Very nice collection, Chris.


  1. Excellent job on the groundwork. 25 pounders always look like "seriou" guns.

  2. Greta stuff, another great looking unit.


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