Saturday, December 31, 2011

From GregB: 28mm Soviet Trooper with ATGW Launcher (7 points)

Greg has sent in this small entry to bridge the gap to his next Napoleonic Austrian contingent. To me this is simply a modern soldier in a chemical suit with a big-ass missile launcher. Nonetheless there is more to this than meets the eye but it hurts my brain to transcribe right now so I'll let Greg give you the straight goods:

Some back story on this specific figure: The figure is from Eureka, but the launcher is actually a MILAN launcher from Mongrel's BAOR line. this fellow will join my platoon of Soviets in NBC gear - known with affection as the "Chemical Commies" - have seen action against all sorts of foes, from West Germans and British to zombies. 

Eureka has a whole range of Soviets in NBC gear.  They also have Bundeswehr in NBC gear, but in that funny way that only figure companies can manage, the special weapon "eras" don't line up.  The armament of the NBC riflemen - the Ak-47 - is almost timeless in that they look right in any time from the 60s to the mid 90s.  But the anti tank missile they did for this line, the AT-3 Sagger, is a very early model - by the late 60s was mainly found among the arsenals of many client states, while the Soviets themselves moved on the stronger systems. 

The Eureka Bundeswehr, on the other hand, are set hard into the late 90s kit. So the two lines of figures from the same company don't match up (aargh!). 

I find the modern ATGW launchers all look the same, so I converted the Soviet NBC Sagger troopers a little bit and put the MILAN launcher on the base. 

Comparison with a Sagger trooper.
So while anti-tank missiles won't be that much in demand against Zombies, this will come in handy against Dallas' West Germans...

In order to shut him up about these freakin' missiles systems I'll give Greg 7 points for this stand. Nice one Gregster!


  1. I didn't understand either??? he he!

  2. Love the look of the figure, will be back at my table doing REPAIR work after the cats trashed the whole table, even taking out my painting lamp!!!!

    Oh well.


  3. Ian, I hope you recover from your CAT-astophe soon! :P

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