Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dystopian Wars 'Empire of the Blazing Sun' Bombers and Tiny Fliers

Here are a few shots of some of the Japanese bombers and fighters that are available for 'Dystopian Wars'. In the game these are super-huge aircraft, with loads of turrets, weapon mounts, bomb bays and enough room to carry a contingent of jet-pack (steam-pack?) marines to conduct boarding actions. Yes, lots of silly fun.

I decided to build magnetic gimbal ball mounts for the bombers to allow more dynamic posing of the models while they are on their flight stands. I have another post where I go through the process of assembling these mounts - pretty straightforward stuff really.

And below is an example of the fighter stands, suitably called 'Tiny Fliers' in the game. These are cast as one-piece resin 'tokens' which are really easy to paint-up.

I have some examples of the British fleet done and will try to get a few photos of them posted in the next few days.


Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)