Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stylin' and Profilin' (or Sumthin')

I believe Groucho Marx once said, "I refuse to join any club which would have me as a member," but then again he obviously wasn't nominated for the 'Stylish Blogger Award'.  ;)

Over the past few weeks I've noticed this 'Award' making its rounds amongst several of the sites I regularly visit. Well lo and behold,  Miles, Col Shofer and Ray have each kindly selected my blog as, hmm, what? A nominee? Part of a group of recipients?  I confess I really don't know where this thing originated, or what its actually for, but I do recognize and appreciate the sentiment behind it, so thanks very much guys!

I understand that  in being selected for the award means that I have to state 10 things about myself and nominate 10-15 other blogs for the same award. Ok, on to the first part:

1) I used to race bicycles and worked as a bicycle courier in my early 20s.
2) I enjoy collecting vinyl records and am a bit of a hi-fi junkie.
3) In the mid-80s (at around age 20) I owned and managed a game store with a good friend of mine (we were at ground zero for the introduction of Warhammer Fantasy and 40K - those were heady days!).
4) When I'm not slouching I'm taller than your average geek (6'2").
5) I lived in Europe for a year (Italy, Austria and the Netherlands)
6) I worked in the US for around 4 years (Biloxi, New Orleans and Detroit)
7) I now work as a preservation archivist.
8) My wife calls me a 'social misanthrope' (amongst other kind things) which is a nice way of saying that I like my friends but am generally not too fond of humanity.
9) I like to garden.
10) I love all hounds.

As this award has been in circulation for a while I'm going to keep my nominations rather sparse:
John de Terre Neuve's "Wargaming in 28mm"

Iannick's "Clash of Empires"

Dallas, Greg and "The Fawcett Avenue Conscripts" (my old gaming group from Winnipeg)


Each of these sites project an enthusiasm for the hobby that is unique, admirable and infectious and I think they are more than deserving of nomination.

So a big thanks again to those who've nominated my little area of nerdspace for this accolade!


  1. 3 nominations!! Well deserved, Congratz!!

  2. Congratulations on your nice blog.


  3. It´s a good blog and deserves to get this....I like the addition of the bullet holes...very stylish ;-D

  4. Thanks for your kind words guys!


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