Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From JohnM: 28mm Front Rank Riflemen and Victrix Commander

'He says I have to advance in line in front of those Cuirassiers. Get stuffed, I say. 
Oh well, here we go...'
Well, it didn't take John long to pick up my gauntlet and send in these boys to up his tally, taking the lead once again.  

Here we have 4 British Riflemen from Front Rank and a mounted Colonel from Victrix. John says the Rifle officer represents Mr. Bean, er, I mean Richard Sharpe while the mounted officer is the ill-fated Col. Umpteda of the KGL.

John is currently playing a solo-scenario depicting the French assault on La Haie Sainte - check out his blog to see how its unfolding.

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