Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Curt: 28mm Old Glory British 42pd Rocket Section


JohnM was kind enough to trade to me an extra pack of Old Glory RHA rockets that he had left over from his own project

I have to thank John for doing all the hard work researching and tackling these guys first as I'd be clueless on how to proceed with all of the parts that were in the bag. I based this stand up pretty much the same as his own. Quality-wise these Old Glory figures are OK castings with good animation, and they paint up quite well, but they are nowhere near the same standard as the top-flight stuff from Perry, Front Rank, Victrix, etc. Nonetheless, they fill a niche that is not represented by most (if any) manufacturers.

I put them out in our last scenario. True to form they basically did nothing, but every time they fired it caused the French a little consternation as when they decide to hit, they can hit very hard - and they can cause particular havoc against cavalry. 

Oh, and these lads will give me six points for the Challenge! So, c'mon guys, buck-up - I'm leaving y'all in the dust!  ;)


  1. Nicely done, is that german grass (Noch), it looks good, I have some but I have never clumped them together like that, it looks good. The Old Glory figures are certainly not fantastic, but they will do.

  2. Silfor grass - pretty much the same thing. I try to mix in several tones with varying density as it seems to give a more natural look.


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