Wednesday, January 12, 2011

28mm Flags by 'The Flag Dude'

I just got a new shipment of these in the mail. They're 28mm flags from Rick 'The Flag Dude' out of the States. I've mentioned these flags in previous posts but I thought I'd give them their proper due. These things are simply brilliant. They come already mounted on a steel wire, which you can cut down to your preference. Just trim to size, glue into your standard bearers hands, paint the pole (if you wish) and that's it! His website catalog offers banners, flags and sails from the Ancient period to modern day, on silk or paper and all in a variety of scales.

A set of Portuguese Line Infantry flags with streamers.

The flags themselves are highly animated, looking like they are snapping wildly in the breeze. I find this effect to be quite exaggerated, but it seems to work in relation to the miniatures. All the flags come with their appropriate finials (or eagles if Napoleonic French) and also feature nice touches such as hanging braid and streamers if requested.
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalion flags of the 37th Ligne.

One of the few criticisms I have of these flags is that the print and line-art can be somewhat 'jaggy'. This is really of no great consequence as the flags are typically seen at an arms length (and fluttering), but it does place a caveat on what would otherwise be a perfect product.

Flags for an Austrian Line regiment
Each 28mm flag sells for $6.00 USD which in my book is a bargain as the flags do such a great job in providing that finishing touch to a unit. I know I could do these myself (and god knows I have) but good flags require a level of fiddliness which I am more than happy to pay to avoid.
A set of three banners for my Marquis of Argyle Regiment of Foote.


  1. They are very nice flags and the fact that they come all prepped is great. I like a slightly denser colour (like GMB). I have found the prep work for Maverick and GMB flags though off putting and have has some very serious problems with fading with GMB flags. I am considering switching over to the Flag Dude and your post has moved me along the way.

    By the way those white coated French look great.


  2. I find the flags from 'Flag Dude' to have a somewhat more subtle colour tone (almost 'antique') which I find oddly compelling. I've always liked the GMB flags but you are not the only person I've heard complain about fading. It will be interesting to see how these hold up. (I spray everything with Krylon artist matte spray finish which should help against fading.) Ultimately its the animation and one-step solution that sells me with these (preying on my laziness works every time).


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