Thursday, February 18, 2016

3mm Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry and French Light Cavalry

Well, since I've been riffing on Napoleonics this past week, I thought I'd just drop the scale a titch and keep on rolling. 

Here are six mixed stands of 3mm figures for use in Sam Mustafa's Napoleonic rules, 'Blucher'. The figures are from Pico Armor and the bases were custom cut from the good folks over at Warbases.

First up are three stands of Napoleonic Portuguese infantry - the 'fighting cocks' of Wellington's Peninsular army.

I've given them each a skirmishing screen of brown-uniformed Cacadores and a light gun. They are each led by a red-coated British officer.

The coloured hash-mark on their front edge is both to indicate their nationality and to aid in gameplay (line-of-sight, movement, etc.). I think I just need four more bases and I'll have enough for the entire Portuguese compliment during the Napoleonic period - how crazy is that?

Next are three stands of French light cavalry. Two stands of Chasseurs a Cheval and, in the center, one of Line Lancers (if you look closely you can see their red and white lance pennants)

I organize my light cavalry to have two lines of figures, the mediums have three and my heavies are packed-in with four lines. For example, below is a base of cuirassiers leading in the center with light cavalry on its flanks and rear. I think the double-density of figures helps convey the 'level of badassery' the stand represents. :) For fun I've done much the same with my elite and guard infantry units.

In the rules each of these stands roughly represents a brigade. They all have a 2 inch frontage (the cavalry and artillery have a slightly larger depth, to both reflect their formations and to aid in easier identification on the tabletop). At this scale, a square foot on the tabletop is equivalent to about a square mile in game terms. This allows us to have very large engagements on a reasonable sized playing surface. If you're interested in reading more on the topic, I blather more on the subject here.

The first and last shots are of the stands in and around my 6mm Mediterranean hill town that I finished a few months ago. It's a great lump from Total Battle Scenics - I highly recommend their stuff. Even though the scale is 'off' between the figures and the terrain, I find it actually works quite well together. The pen in the picture above gives you an idea to the size of the figures and bases (yes, they are a bit on the wee side!).

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